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Computer & Software


Logic Pro

Steinberg Wavelab 12

Steinberg Nuendo 13

Steinberg Cubase 13

Steiberg Halion

FL Studio

Ableton Live 11

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate

Solid State Logic All

Solid State Logic UF8 x 2

Solid State Logic UC1

Solid State Logic UF1

Harrison All

Sonible All

Izotope All

Universal Audio UAD All

Plugin Alliance All

FabFilter All

Synchro Arts ReVoice

Soundtoys All

Slate Digital

Arturia 9

Native Instruments Ultimate 14

iMac x 2

Macbook Pro M1 x 3



Mixer & Converter


Solid State Logic BIG SIX

Solid State Logic SSL12

Solid State Logic SSL 2+

UAD Apollo x4

UAD Apollo x16

UAD Apollo 16 x3

UAD Apollo Quad

UAD Satellite Octo x4

UAD Apollo Twin Duo & Quad x4

UAD Arrow x2

Dangerousmusic Master

Dangerousmusic Convert 2

Dangerousmusic AD+

Dangerousmusic DAC

Forssell MADA

Apogee Symphonie

Behringer xTouch / HUI Control

Behringer Monitor Controller

Sterling Modular Plan F

Sterling Modular Rack x4

Sterling Modular Producer 3Bay




HEDD Type 30Mk2

HEDD Type 20Mk2

HEDD Type 07Mk2

HEDD Type 05Mk2

HEDD Sub 12

HEDD Type 05

HEDDphone x 2

HEDDphone 2

Guzauski-Swist Gs3a

Dynaudio BM15a

Focal CMS Sub / x2

APS - Coax / 2 Pair

Yamaha NS 10 / 3 Pair


Old & New Series 4Pairs


SPL Phonitor 3 DAC

Beats by Dre / Studio Pro x 12

Focal Studioheadphones

Audio Technica M50

Towersonic Speakerstands

Dangerousmusic Monitor ST

Neumann U87ai

Sure SM7B


Solid State Logic Gear

SSL Fusion

SSL Bus Plus


SSL UF8 x2

SSL XLogic XRack loaded with

E&G Series Modules

XR 418 / XR 418

XR 425 / XR 425

XR 618 / XR 625

XR 728 / XR 727




Drawmer S3

Vertigo Compressor

API 2500

Dangerousmusic Compressor

Teletronix LA2A

UA 1176

SPL Transient Designer



Dangerousmusic BAX


Chandler Curve Bender 1/2 db

Chandler Curve Bender 1 db

Millennia NSEQ1

SPL StereoQ


Synth & Samplers


EMU SP-1200

Ensoniq ASR10

Akai MPC-60

Akai S-6000

Isla Instruments S2400


Roland JD 800

Roland JX-8P

Roland Jupiter X

Roland Tr08

Roland TR09

Behringer Poly D

Behringer MS-1

Behringer RD8 MK2

Behringer RD9 MK2

Behringer MonoPoly

Korg Micro

NI - Maschine Mk1 & Mk2

Maschine Studio x2

KC S25 & S49 & S88

Studio Front
Studio Side
Side L
Side R
Studio Golden Room 1
Studio Golden Room 2
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